Freaking ESPN. Why the heck are they airing UGone Big East basketball flashbacks here in Houston, TX? :unamused: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

ESPN is a national network that airs the same programming across the country


Not sure about you guys…but my need for a live sports fix has resorted to Mexican league soccer… Guadalajara vs. Monterey…on LIVE right now.


How many gente in the stands?

I can’t do soccer or hockey. s o l

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I’m watching UH reruns that I recorded and saved on xfinity.

Go Coogs


Reindeer races from Finland are in the semis…and the excitement is palpable.

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I was in Vegas on around Christmas. Not much to bet on except English premier league soccer and a match between Club America and monterrey so I bet on that. When my wife caught on to my sudden vested interest in soccer, she said I had a gambling problem. :grin:
On a side note, the added element of a tie creates a three way bet that can make betting the underdog to win quite lucrative. Didn’t work out for me that time.

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Move to Oregon. We can now gamble on professional sports on our phones. It’s pretty cool for someone like me who is a very casual gambler.

That soccer match last night was weird to watch with a completely empty stadium. It kept me entertained though. Much less flopping in that Mexican league match.

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I am not a huge soccer fan but I do love the world cup.

I love the World Cup because espn tells me I have to.


When do the lumberjack competitions start? I like that stuff. SFA used to have a nationally ranked team. I guess they would have to or else change the mascot!!!

It always scared me when they got to the top and they were still whipping that belt upwards. I always thought they were going to sling it over the top.