UH and University of Calgary partnership - International Energy Lawyers Program

Ran across an article from a University of Calgary law alum talking about the law school there and saw the International Energy Lawyers Program mentioned. Wasn’t too aware of it, but I thought it was interesting to read about what our partner is doing:

The new Calgary Curriculum: what we’ve done

There are plenty of other things we’re doing, as well. Our clinical program continues to grow, for example. We now have six different clinical offerings (legal aid, public interest, environmental, business and entrepreneurship, tax and IP) and others are being tossed around. The International Energy Lawyers Program, which we offer in partnership with the University of Houston, continues to blossom. This year, we’re introducing what the business schools call a “travelling course,” where we’re taking (at no expense to them) the students to Austin, Edmonton and Washington, D.C. to meet governmental actors involved in regulating the energy industry. And so on, and so on.

More info on the program; http://www.law.uh.edu/academic/UHLC-Calgary-Dual-Program-Full-1.asp

The University of Calgary and the University of Houston Law Center each enjoy international reputations as
leading law schools in these areas and Houston and Calgary are leading energy
centers. This collaboration is unique given its specialization in energy law.

It’s been in existence for years now, but it appears to be evolving and growing.

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