UH at ECU Game 1 (W 5-4)

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Radio: Houston - Home

Video: http://www.ecupirates.com/watch/?Live=1266&type=Live

Top 1st

Hollis leads off with a single, Triolo follows with a 1 out single. Coogs leave them stranded.

M1…No score

Bottom 1st

Leadoff infield single, 1 out Stolen base, but Cumbie gets out of it. Notches his 1st K too.

T2…No Score

Top 2nd

1 out walk to Coldiron, but nothing else.

M2…No Score

Bottom 2nd

Leadoff homer…ECU 1-0

2 out double, wild pitch moves the runner to 3rd, followed by a walk and steals 2nd. Single scores 2 more…ECU 3-0

Runner steals 2nd, but is stranded.

T3…ECU 3-0

Top 3rd

1 out single by Lockhart, but he’s thrown out trying to stretch it to a double.

M3…ECU 3-0

Bottom 3rd

Cumbie walks the first batter on 4 pitches. With two outs, Cumbie hits a batter, but leaves both runners stranded.

He’s not sharp today.

T4…ECU 3-0

Top 4th

Davis leads off by getting hit by a pitch. After a Fielder’s Choice by Bielo, Padgett gets a bunt single. With 2 outs, Champion doubles to score Bielo…ECU leads 3-1

Minter pinch hits for Redden

M4…ECU 3-1

Bottom 4th

Lovelace into catch. Cumbie works an easy 1-2-3 inning.

T5…ECU 3-1

Top 5th

Hollis leads off with a double. Lockhart flies out and moves Hollis to 3rd with 1 out. Triolo grounds out to score Hollis…ECU leads 3-2

M5…ECU 3-2

Bottom 5th

Leadoff double, runner steals 3rd, and a sac fly scores him…ECU leads 4-2

T6…ECU 4-2

Top 6th

Bielo leads off with a walk. Padgett follows with a double, Bielo to 3rd (RF is shaken up a bit going into the wall, but stays in). New pitcher for ECU.

Sac Fly scores Bielo. Padgett stays at 2nd…ECU leads 4-3

Champion homers!!! Coogs lead 5-4

Lovelace singles. Hollis follows with a double, Lovelace to 3rd still one out. New pitcher for ECU

2 out walk to Triolo loads the bases.

M6…UH 5-4

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Note, ECU started Jake Agnos instead of Chris Holba tonight as Holba had a stomach ailment of some sort.

UH scores 3 top of 6th.
UH 5 ECU 4
Champion w 3 RBIs.

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Happy for Champ. Good kid who’s stuck with the program even when he hasn’t gotten playing time.

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Bottom 6th

Cumbie gives up a 2 out single, but that’s it.

T7…UH 5-4

Top 7th

Coldiron with a 2 out single. Champion walks on 4 pitches, Coldiron to 2nd.

M7…UH 5-4

Bottom 7th

Cumbie gets the 1st two batters and Rooney goes to the pen. Carter Henry on to pitch.

Cumbie didn’t have his best stuff, but goes 6 2/3 IP 6H 4ER 2BB 4K and leaves with the Coogs in the lead

Henry gets the 3rd out

T8…UH 5-4

Top 8th

Coogs down in order

M8…UH 5-4