UH Australian Pipeline of Punters



Is the radio show always on a Monday night? Man, I really am out of tune this season.


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Seems like a lot of teams have Australian punters.


It’s different ea week it seems. Usually on Wed/Thur but depends on when they are playing that week. Early this week due to Thanksgiving I’m sure.

Ah, yeah, that makes sense

In Australia, punter is slang for gambler

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6 of the last 7 Ray Guy Award winners.
2 of this years 3 finalists
(the Cuse punter is from FL)

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Wow, that’s an incredible stat. I would have never guessed that.

Long have I yearned for the days when the Australian recruiting pipeline would grace the gulf coast once again. That pipeline is once again open for business and I am thrilled. We also need to keep getting QBs from Tyler and DLs from the boot make it happen.


I hope we have an opportunity to let Dane run or throw a pass this last game


As many times as we punted vs Tulsa I was expecting that.

Perhaps we could sign some Australian Rugby “Locks” as O-Linemen as well!