UH banks on joining big leagues to 'sustain' athletics spending

UH banks on joining big leagues to ‘sustain’ athletics spending

By Benjamin Wermund and Joseph Duarte
August 5, 2016 Updated: August 5, 2016 5:26pm

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What kind of @#$^%$ is this?
This is the typical uta propaganda that these uta alums/lackeys serve the Houston area.
Not once are they mentioning the PUF and what the PUF has done and keeps on giving to uta.
Did they mention that uth is paid by the PUF? You bet it is linked.
Reading the chron and its uta chronies reminds me of the PRAVDA. For some of you that do not know what it is I encourage you to search it on your favorite search engine.
What the article should be about is what UH athletics has been able to accomplish despite uta’s countless attacks to squash us down.
Just to insinuate that we would not survive without the small12 is to bypass entirely our past.
UH athletics keeps on ticking and that uta will never accept.

Wermund is a uta tool. Where is his deep investigation of the UT land purchase? He basically just spouted the company line on that.

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For anyone that it a UH alum and a chron subscriber I ask you

I don’t get he hate? We went all in and to sustain it need a p5 payoff.

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Article has a Wermund slant to it; always has to compare us to UT, always has to mention that faculty are upset, etc.

Otherwise, it’s what we already knew. Glad to see the administration pushing so hard. It would be disappointing if we hadn’t exhausted every avenue. Hope it works.

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Unfreeking believable that they would put this piece of crap out there when a key decision s are going on…this smells like conspiracy to me! Someone is trying to block our admittance into the conference!!! Timing of this garbage is not a coincidence!!! Never subscribing to the chronage!!

I agree 200%.not sure of the motive but it’s a true article. I am glad we went all in and also hope it works.

I don’t see any problem with the article. Truth is truth and apparently not many of our fans can deal with it. If you think everyone in a position of power in every P5 conference doesn’t already know all of this you need to have your head examined.

Fact: over half our budget comes directly from across Cullen.
Fact: the only way we will make more money is by being in a P5 conference with a big payout.
Fact: we (the other side of Cullen) cannot continue spending at this rate with so little return in revenue

A move to a P5 has to come as fast as possible because the next round of TV contracts will not be pretty for anyone but the B1G and the SEC

I have no idea why people are upset. Many people have been clamoring for UH to try to get in a conference other than the Big 12. This shows they have been doing that. To the people upset with the article, would you rather UH sit back and hope a P5 invites them or take steps to make it happen? It shows that the school has been aggressive in it’s attempts to get out of AAC and I applaud them for it. To make the move to any conference, this is how the game is played. Forge relationships, start dialogue, sell yourself and when the conference decides to expand, you are right there. You are seeing how the “Sausage is made”.

But the reality also is that there is a sense of urgency. This has to happen soon. Also, this article creates some urgency in the Big 12 offices as well. They now know for sure that there is atleast some dialogue with other conferences. Other conferences not named the PAC.

The problem is they are trying to make us look foolish like we squandered all this money trying to get a P5 invite, bating our eyes at anyone who would look. We didn’t do all this for a P5 bid. We just needed to upgrade our facilities in hopes it would be more appealing to P5 conferences or recruits.


More from the FOIA request from the Chronicle (from Wermund):

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