UH Baseball- What are your thoughts on adjustments/changes needed?

Those here talking about head coaching possibilities dont live in reality nor have a good grasp on the current landscape of college baseball. We are lucky to have Todd, as proven by interest in larger more historic east coast programs reaching out to him (allegedly). Losing Anderson, Couch, etc. is a problem and we lost momentum. Need to give Rooney a chance to recruit. TW is still known as one of the top recruit “closers” in the state.

A lot of money has been spent on that development center, field upgrades and more attention to the stuff kids like such as shoes, uniforms, etc. Its time to produce with top recruits.


If you think the head coaches of any of those schools would leave their position at an SEC/ACC/B12 school to come coach at UH based on a “good recruiting ground” or $$$$$ then I have some oceanfront property to sell you in northern Kansas.

Getting a top assistant from those schools would be realistic, but mind you that’s what Whitting was: a super successful assistant coach from a CWS team.

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They also said a P5 HC would never leave there for a G5 HC gig as well…things happen all the time, for many reasons. UH Baseball is a powder keg, primed to explode to National prominence…Sure, it might be a few more years until finally get into a P5 and get the $$$ coming in…BUT…it’s coming make no mistake about that.


Never been to the CWS, but have always wanted to go as 1 of my bucket list items. I am not going until I can go watch the Coogs. Was 8 years old the last time UH went. So let’s get after it.

We have the facilities and recruiting base. Just need to bring in hitting talent to compliment the pitching. No reason why this cant happen.

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It would help if we could get a “David Pierce” type of coach to get us to the next level.

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Could have had Pierce when Noble was let go in 2010. Pierce was asst at Rice at the time. Took SHSU HC position 2012.

Pierce and Whitting were the 2 finalists IIRC. I remember thinking we were going to be in good hands either way. I’m sure he would have done well here.

That said, he hasn’t had a ton of success getting to the next level either. He’s only made it out of a regional once and that was last year at UT.

Sometimes ya gotta be careful what you wish for. Texas finished dead last in the B12 this year and didn’t even make the conference tournament. I imagine there is some unrest up there considering the recruits they have been pulling in. Ya never know.

That said, very disappointed here as well. Worst fundamentals of any team I can remember recently. Cost us a minimum of three conference wins. That’s on the coaches.

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Maybe its on the coaches or maybe the players deserve some of the credit…either way we need to bring in good players and develop them…

True that as far as the players’ responsibility as well. But it is also up coaches to figure out what recruits are coachable. It’s been a roller coaster the last few years…would love to see some stability on both sides.

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The coaching changes made a difference also…From what I have heard we are doing pretty good on the recruiting trail so let’s see how it works out. I expect coach Whitting to have us back in the hunt next year…


I agree. If we get into a power league with the $$$$ that comes with it that’s a game changer for baseball. Its easy to forget what an insane increase in revenue that’d create for us.

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I think well be fine…i have confidence in whitting. We have had several teams that were talented enough to make the cws it just didnt happen.

No money for baseball right now. Donors were struggling with funding which is why the development center took so long. Had to bring in Sanders to push us over the top there which is why he got the field named after him.

Fertitta isn’t going to give us money for baseball; he cares more about football and basketball. We also just signed Whiting to an extension before the season and buying him out would be expensive. Just no money to make a change right now.

But, I don’t think you can make a change after barely missing the Tourney. Last time we missed the Tourney, Whiting made the changes to have us hosting a Regional the next season. He’s earned a long leash at this point.




Ask and you shall receive



Guess that means Barker is moving on.

I don’t post much here (personal) however I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts (for the most part lol) etc. Just want to say that Caleb will be missed. Kyle came from a small school and never had a real catching coach at any level until now. Catching Coaches are hard to find and below the college level they’re almost non existent it seems (at least that’s been our experience) Its been a lot of hard work, study and passion for the position. From the time Kyle stepped foot on campus Caleb has been there to answer questions, talk about the game and give insight that only a catcher would understand etc etc. He’s a been an excellent coach in more ways than one. Just wanted to make that know