UH big12 official application



So…starting on September 21st we could start taking actions to join the PAC12 again


Hmmm, for 2 weeks this will be our intent?

Lol, don’t know if we were trolling or if there was something else in the background that was developing.

It’s simply protecting our interests if the conference were to drag things out.

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Cool, interesting to see.

Now when will you get the actual Big12 “contract” that spells
out all the details of distribution amounts, exit fees, GOR, etc…?

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Great question. I’m curious to see how the GOR pans out. It’s no secret that all the irate 8 would take an invite to any other conference at this moment so they won’t want to shoot themselves in the foot and have an exorbitantly high GOR, exit fees, etc. At the same time, the TV contract value will depend on it.

Lot’s of moving parts and I don’t think realignment is finished yet.

I doubt there will be a GOR.

If there is, it’s because the conference is making enough money that the Pac-12 and ACC won’t be able to beat it. Which, I’d take that.

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I did a FOI request on that document. The last line was redacted. The original said, “Baylor sucks!”