UH changed College of Medicine exterior

Looks more like an office building which I favored.

Is now:
Looks more like a university building with less windows.


What a downgrade

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Ok, well everyone has their own personal tastes.
I liked the original much more. To me this looks…
uninteresting . Any reasons given ? Cost saving
measure or more expensive ?

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Maybe the bricklayers’ union didn’t like the first design.


Yeah not a fan, but maybe lab space called for less glass on the exterior

I prefer the original design.

Where did you see the change made? I looked for the change but couldnt find it anywhere.

I found it here. Hopefully I didn’t jump the gun on fake news.

I would agree that the first design is “much” nicer.

I need some sort of explanation. You can’t go public with a projected building and then change it to something less attractive… I mean, I can’t even find it on the board meeting itinerary or any sort of UH outlet. You would think the daily cougar would have reported something significant like that.

I’m not as upset as I sound I’m just disappointed in the change. The other building looks much more asthetic.


That’s a good question. We need to find out if this change is planned or not?

Info received from the original poster of the pic on houstonarchitecture.com or the link above.

The original design was $80M. Well the important thing is that we are going to get a medical school.


Guess this falls in the “take what you can get” category. The initial building will set the theme for
the entire college of medicine’s future additions. So
I had hoped it would have more flare and inspiration
as the initial building. Oh well, as stated above, be happy we are getting it.

While I like the fountain in the first pic, I like the second building better. It looks more traditional–less likely to look like an eyesore in 20 or 30 years. JMHO.

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Yes it’s okay. The center building looks rather plain and flat so if they could modernize that, it would get more approvals.

I still think if time was an issue or budget that we put ourselves in a bad position by not making a full fledge statement. I mean it’s the first school here in decades. I know we’re not aTm but the buildings they’re going to build over the next couple of years are statement makers. I just feel we should’ve planned to make this building state of the art in every way. It’s not to say it won’t be but it just doesn’t convey power or prestige or anything like that to me.


One important thing. We do not have that A&M type money.


We’ll be working with government black ops projects so big windows is a no-no. Notice second pic has an ovalish window (like the Eye of Sauron) they are watching you. :crazy_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :nerd_face:

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This is the only plausible explanation

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