UH @ Cinn-Weds Jan 31st, 6pm

The Matchup Predictor has UH with a 10.7% chance of a win but I’m optimistic.


A win and I think they are in the top 25. Now getting votes in both polls.

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I think we will lose at Cincy but get them back here at tsu.

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That Cinn @ Htwon game is the finale of a huge week of home games.
SMU, Revenge game vs Tulane, then Cinn from 02/8-02/15.

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Cincy game here at 6:00 p.m. on a Thursday night…All so that it can be shown at 7:00 p.m. ESPN time !!

Thanks television !

If we start off against Cincy the way we started against USF yesterday, we may find our selves down by 30 at the half. I hope we were just getting the kinks out yesterday. That was probably the poorest shooting performance I have witnessed all year. Thankfully USF is just terrible and our defense started clicking with about 8 minutes left in the first half.

Based on the history of this season, I agree we will likely lose at Cincy but get them back at home. Road games haven’t been terribly friendly to us this year and you can bet at Cincy is going to be a hostile environment even if it isn’t in their permanent home. A win on Wednesday would be fantastic, but at a minimum it should be a good scouting trip to get ready for the 2/15 home matchup.

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I was a little surprised yesterday that CKS let USF dictate the pace of the game. I thought he might press them full court. Of course, he knew he was going to win and maybe just rested the players.

One thing I know is that he has coached about 1000 more games than me :sunglasses:


If we beat Cincy in Cincy, it’ll be one of the biggest upsets of the year.

NO DOUBT we’ll be in the Top 25 at that point!


Cincy isnt an offensive team, I am not overly worried about them scoring. I am worried about us scoring.

Really? They average less than 2 ppg under our season average

UH will have to pretty good from 3 to win this one. And Brady cannot get into early foul trouble.

Cincy is the #2 team in FG % Defense (36%) while UH is #9 (39%). (FYI – UCF is #5 but I assume losing Tacko will hurt that over the rest of the season). And Cincinnati is #13 in Offensive Rebounds / Game (13.7) while UH is #67 (12).

Need to limit their 2nd chance opportunities. I like their chances to keep it closer than the road game at Wichita St. That said, while I want UH to win, I don’t expect a W. I think the Cincy bigs will neutralize Fabian and Brady but you never know. This would be a great road win if they can pull it off.

Exactly what I meant. We don’t have the size to over-power teams in the paint. We need to harrass their guards and take away passing lanes. Corey Davis has been tremendous in that regard lately. And we HAVE to shoot better from 3 than we did against USF. I’m a little afraid we may have to shoot it like we did against Tulsa to have a chance. Cincy gives up about 56 points per game. I think we’ll have to score 70 to beat them.

the reason they average so low ppg is because of the pace they play and how they distribute minutes between their players. they can score.