UH @ ECU Series

Coogs on top early 4-1. Arnold 2 run shot in 3rd still batting.

Edit: shame they didn’t win the UCF series to make season ending series more interesting.

Top 5 — Coogs 4-1.

Top 6 — Coogs 4-1.


ECU up 5-4 in the 6th

Pitching been an issue all season.
I guess there’s not any good HS Pitching in Hou area to recruit from---- NOT. :roll_eyes:


Just can’t wait for the new coaching staff whether it’s this year or next. Feels like entire season has been just a filler year.


I thk TW comes back for the Spring 23 season.

Agreed unless someone steps up and pays his contract off.

If TW is back , get ready for tens of people in the stands next year.


I think he’ll be back too. I also think it’s time for a change.


I think you’re right ….


So far we agree he’s coming back. And so far we agree a lot of fans aren’t.

Just my nonscientific canvass of comments.

I’m thinking of sending Pollard, Bulto, and xDC over to Cullen as, how should I say, envoys for the peasants.


I read that the buyout drops to 100K after this season.


If that’s the case, I would think it would be an easy decision to get someone new.


Yes, that would be big news.

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And good news lol


I’m pretty sure funk has a 100k in the sofa cushions.

My son teaches at Ridge Point and I have seen a few games this year and I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to see really good players from good teams going to UT, Baylor, Aggy, Ole Miss and many other places.
My son told me that at Ridge Point many of the players talk about UH football and hoops and even women’s soccer but no one talks about baseball.
He said he thinks UH has a great social media presence in football…baseball not so much.
Not that it would help much. I think Whitting is burned out and needs to go somewhere else and get reenergized… I like Todd and he has had some good talent and teams here along with helping get the new building done, but I really think he has burned out. I think the pandemic did it to a lot of us along with all the rioting and confusion that happened just before.
Like it or not that stuff has prevented a lot of kids from wanting to live on campus in a major city…just my thoughts, please don’t make this political because it isn’t meant to be…


You’ve got a good point. Perfectly ready to load my sofa on a flatbed and drive over to Pez’ office. We could dress it up like a float in a parade - call it the Sean Allen Express.


I agree with just about everything you said….However, the program was headed in the wrong direction before the pandemic…. I believe what you are saying is true and possibly added to this cluster we have now….
But there were issues with the way they recruited or “didn’t “ recruit that have been around for awhile……if you knew some of the kids they could have had in the program that they didn’t bother to recruit you would be astonished…. And I’m talking about kids that would have gladly come to UH.


Yep I agree it was a steady fall even before. I think when Anderson left that was huge


I know some playing pro ball and at other D1 schools that they never even bothered to show up and look at.


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