UH faces tournament-level test in Arkansas

UH forward Breaon Brady said the Cougars have to come out with a “junkyard dog” attitude and avoid the lapses that plagued them in Wednesday’s 75-66 win over New Orleans.

“The game plan is shutting up, putting up, locking down on defense, grabbing every rebound and having that junkyard dog,” Brady said. “If we do that, I guarantee you we’re going to win.”

In the meantime, Sampson will continue to learn about his team as they “go through some turbulent times.”

“There is some stable air in front of us,” Sampson said. “We’ve just got to get there. But you’ve got to go through the turbulence first. … The most important thing for a coach is to land the plane.”

Per ESPN’s predictor, Houston has a 53 percent chance to win the game. Arkansas, however, is favored by four points in Las Vegas.

This game marks Arkansas’ fourth consecutive away from home. It’s the first time in 11 years the Razorbacks have played four in a row out of the Natural State.