UH Fan Shop website switchover

Last month, someone here posted that the UH Fan Shop was going to be run by the people who operate fanatics.com.

The switchover has now occurred. The old UH Fan Shop site is no more. The new site is branded as a cbssports site, but the items for sale are what you’d find on fanatics.com.

I hope fanatics uses this new relationship to improve its selection of UH products, because their selection has traditionally been mediocre to poor. It’s pretty lousy right now, TBH.

With the old site, what you saw on the site was what was available in the physical shop. Obviously, that’s no longer the case.

At the moment, the UH bookstore’s site has a much better selection.

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I hope so too. The 2016 Nike sidelines catalog I posted a while back is still non-existent for UH stuff anywhere. Other schools have their Sideline polos out alongside a number of other items for almost a month.

It was always a cbssports site. They only thing that changed was the branding. The old url was uhcougars.cbscollegestore.com.

I think CBS sports really just has the face and the processing of payments. The store either by Barnes and Noble or now Fanatics handles actual operations.

Not Cougar related but I know a Chinese website that sells every kind of soccer jersey for next to nothing. I bought a nike Polish kit to test it out for the Euros - 100% authentic straight from China - 19.99+8 for shipping.

Maybe this is the way to go for College Football gear :laughing: just have to find that special website. I’m sure it’s out there.

Except the school won’t get the royalties. Only buy licensed gear.

A lot of those out there. By all means, make hay when the sun shines, but don’t be surprised when you go back at a later date, and the URL no longer exists.

I was joking - I buy from the Bookstore generally. In fact, I buy all my UH stuff on campus.

pretty much like streaming sites - same risk too for hacking (gotta have that mega browser guard) - usually use my low balance dinky CC that I never use

so I order as much as I can kit wise before the site goes POOF

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