UH Football Commercial

Wow what a concept a commercial. I’m sitting here watching the Houston Thanksgiving parade and there it is a commercial advertising Senior day and the Tulsa football game on KHOU channel 11. They should advertise on TV for every game so people will know we are playing, not everyone is in tune with UH social media



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Good deal, too… 4 tix, 4 dogs and 4 sodas for $96


OT… I bought tickets from the Arizona box office when we played them there in 2017. Every year since, I get a couple of phone calls a year from them telling me about their upcoming games, promotions and inviting me to buy tickets. They are always so friendly I don’t ask them to remove me from their call list.

Just another example of what UH could do.


Rice emails me, Tx tech, Baylor, etc because I bought tickets through them.

Why dont they have season tickets available for purchase during Christmas time?

Its the Pez Grinch

Why do that when they can press the people who already buy tickets into buying even more tickets.

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