UH Football Games to be Played with 25% Capacity

With a month to go who feels like they have it figured out?

All this tells me is they have now confirmed that less than 10K season tickets are opted in for the season.


This question is for anyone who is in the know.

I received an email about seat selection on 8/13, but purchased and paid for my 4 season tickets months ago. Is the plan now to cut some of the seats from season ticket holders or just rearrange where they sit?

If they are just rearranging where they sit, I assume there will be some compensation if their seats are downgraded?

If the B1G presidents voted to cancel their season, I just don’t see all others not falling far behind. The minute there’s an outbreak within the program, it’s over.

One of my tailgate buds, his wife, son and daughter in law sit with my wife and I in section 229, just different rows. Crazy coincidence that his selection slot was right after mine today. We were concerned about getting seats close to each other during selection process. I talked with our Cougar Pride contacts and they told me since our slots were back to back they would select our seats for us and as close as social distancing would allow. We moved down to rows 3 and 4 in 229 from our season ticket rows higher up in 229. Hopefully this an indication there will be no downgrades in seat locations.


I got better seats today than my “regular” season tickets, too. Like you, it was a marginal improvement, but better nevertheless.

I’m worried that means attendance will be down more than we think.

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Six of us are in 129. One opted out. Since I dont buy the tickets(a guy in Cougar Pride does) I have no idea where the seats are. But Yeoman Hall is still a go.

I’m confused. They have discovered and perfected a vaccine ?

I got the seats directly behind my normal seats. I’m normally on row 2 in 228, this fall I will be on row 3.

I always said I would be buying the tickets no matter if we go to the games or not. Also my CP required seat donation will not be rolled over to 2021. My post about the seats we received was to inform my fellow CP members that the selection process will probably not result in a down grade.

Maybe row 2 is vacant for social distancing??

Well, we’re in a major pandemic. So there’s that. smh

It is because row 1 was open. I didn’t want row 1 because the rail is high enough to block the field a bit since I’m not tall.

I was thinking the stadium would be around 25% capacity based on statements from the university. I don’t know what to expect now, but actual attendance will clearly be less than 25% capacity (excluding students). Your comment seems to suggest you have better insight how the pandemic will affect attendance. What are your expectations?

It’s more of an expectation due to the news and a number of high risk people with whom I’ve spoken to. Personally, I’m an individual with heart issues and have been a long time season ticket holder. However, I’m finding that I simply cannot get myself to even consider attending any public gatherings of any sort. It’s just too much of a risk I wish not to take. It pains me since I so enjoy going to games and yelling my head off. Cougar fans are so fickle to begin with anyways. I do have expectation of football attendance in the future, just not in the middle of a pandemic with no vaccines yet.


You ARE a loyal cougar.

Good on you.

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Thanks for the compliment EE. Family moved to Houston in summer of 1963 from Pittsburgh, PA when I was in grade school. Dad and I were fans of University of Pittsburgh football. We became fans of U of H football and basketball in the fall of 1963 and have been since.


Beat me by 1 year !!

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I am assuming with 25% capacity, there will be no walk up and no visitor section. Does anybody know of away games, will this be the case for them as well. I was hoping to go to Annapolis, MD and seeing the Navy game.