UH Football Hall of Honor

Going back and reviewing the UH football highlights of all time made me realize how valuable backup QB Terry Elston was. Terry was the QB who brought UH back to a 17-14 come-from-behind victory against A&M at Kyle Field in 1979. Terry was also the winning QB in the 1980 Cotton Bowl, when UH beat Nebraska 17-14. He was named MVP of that Cotton Bowl.

Sadly, Terry died in a car crash on August 23, 1995, at the age of 37.

I think it is worth a conversation inducting Terry Elston into UH’s Hall of Honor.

Who do you think should be inducted for football in UH’s Hall of Honor? We should ask the same question on the basketball board.

Here are the inductees: University of Houston Athletics


Antowain Smith needs to be on this list.


Elston was our 12th man back then. He belongs from a history stand point.

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