UH gear

Just a quick observation:


I was trying to get the following:


But I am not xxlarge just large. I prefer paying more if I know my money is going back to US. It would be nice if products were available. I have noticed it over the years but good inventory is pretty basic. Sorry about complaining but Christmas is coming up.

Not trying to be a jerk, but it is October, and that polo has been available since late July-early August. The team issue Nike stuff is always the first to sell out at all big programs, and when you add in our recent success, our gear is flying off the shelves even more. Got to get in early on the good stuff.

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You are not a jerk. I already did that. No worries, as I said just an observation.

At the bookstore at the student center they have restocked everything 2 weeks ago. While i dont know the current sizes of it. I could possibly check on Thursday and get back to you on that one. but, if you have time to drive down you should check to see if they have it. They just added a bunch of hoodies also for winter.

Note* the website is not accurate with the stuff that is in the actual store. I can attest as i bough both nike elite polos recently.

Thank you Cristian. I wish I could but I am in Arizona now. I ordered some other items but I will keep checking it.

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