UH Golf named #1 NCAA Golf program of all time by Golf Channel



Well deserved! Go Coogs!!!


Nice to be recognized, but Oklahoma State is nipping at our heels. I would not like to see our best years behind us. It’s time for Dismuke to be the championship coach he is capable of becoming; otherwise, we need to look for someone else to lead the program.

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What happened there? He seemed to have it on the upswing and then we sucked this year.

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We lost all our stars and didn’t have enough depth to do anything of note.

One of out former players who was an NCAA champion mentioned that Dismuke doesn’t reach out to him at all. That’s a lousy way to do business


Better get off our butts and start competing at a high-level again. We can’t live off the 60s, 70’s and half of the 80s forever.

It is a good point Patrick. A Head Coach has to Coach well but he also has to recruit well. When were we relevant or competing for the top? We know the answers. Yes we were in a P5 when we were THE program. Leroy, Carl, Kelvin are showing every P5 program that we can be relevant. Our golf program has no excuse for where we are at. It is time to wake up and analyze why we are so mediocre. The only way to look forward is to take a different approach. A Coach stuck in his ways is a Coach waiting to be fired.