UH, Hofheinz family agree on plan for naming new basketball arena

UH, Hofheinz family agree on plan for naming new basketball arena


I like this compromise. Interesting that the court could be renamed. Although with the development facility named after Coach Lewis, I don’t see any issue.

I’m very happy to finally move forward on this and I like being able to keep the Hofheinz name prominent at UH. A win-win for both sides.

Based on those settlement terms, this is a complete victory for UH from a legal perspective. I am pleased that the parties were able to find a way to honor the Hofheinz family legacy. A win-win, indeed.

Looking forward to that first walk down Hofheinz Street

Did you read the response UH filed to Raley’s petition? It was very strong. Raley got what he could before the case could be tossed.

Yes, and exactly.

Just curious, where would you find the response filed?

Seems like a worthwhile compromise.

UH Statement:

Daily Cougar - UPDATE: UH and Hofheinz family settle naming dispute

“We know our father, Judge Roy Hofheinz, would want the athletic program at the University of Houston to prosper,” Fred Hofheinz, the son of Roy said via press release. “So we know he would support this move which will bring the basketball arena, which bore his name for 47 years, into the 21st century.”

Sporting News - Houston settles dispute over replacing historic Hofheinz Pavilion

The University of Houston has reached an agreement on a new arena that will replace historic Hofheinz Pavilion, which has hosted the school’s basketball games dating back to Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes’ years, through the high-flying Phi Slama Jama era on through this upcoming 2016-17 season, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Berman had a number of videos on twitter of AD Yurachek:

I think everyone won – the school, the Hofheinz family, the players, and the fans. I think the whole issue could have been avoided if the school had gone to Fred Hofheinz in the beginning and told him of the situation and how they could honor Judge Roy’s memory and still sell naming rights. But, that is water under the bridge and progress continues.


What makes you think they didn’t?

(Hint - they did.)


What makes me think they didn’t? Just what I’ve read in the paper and on line.

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