UH hoping to clean up penalties against Navy

I hope so too.

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Yeah. Penalties are my pet peeve. I attribute 90% to lack of focus/discipline or poor technique/effort. Not completely realistic but it’s what sets me off. Just have seen to many times when teams with lesser talent won games due to exceptional execution. They just seemed to come at the worst possible time last week taking the air out of UH momentum.


Didn’t get to see the ECU game, how did our defense do in terms of being lined up and ready each snap?

Very well.


Could we see the return of the 3rd Ward Defense this season?:face_with_monocle:




No. Somebody in another version of coogfans, on the politics board, ironically but without surprise spelled “genius” as “genus”. And hence my reference as to the need to clean up penalties as another episode in “genus”, as in “duh?”.

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I have to agree. It shouldn’t be that hard to follow directions.

Posts like this…where should we phylum?


The next time a WR gets a false start CMA needs to sit him in the bench for a while. I’m already questioning why a few are getting so many reps given all the dropped passes but the penalties are ridiculous.