UH in CFP in 2026 - TDECU or NRG Stadium?

Let’s dream for a minute…

UH is selected in the 12 team CFP in 2026. Which stadium should UH host, if they are given the option?

  • NRG

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If we learned one thing by playing in the Astrodome, it helped recruiting but killed atmosphere and tailgating. If we want to be bigtime, we cannot run to NRG every time we get a big game. If you want to expand TDECU, get improvements, get better attendance, more season tickets sales and more on campus involvement and tailgating, we must play on campus. Having a big attendance for one game at NRG does not help us. Money from B12 will more than offset income in one game at NRG.


Bowl games and Kickoff Classic and that’s it!

CFP excluded…

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I created the poll because I am really struggling with this, and would LOVE to be faced with the decision.

All things equal, of course TDECU is the answer, but all things are not equal.

NRG has experience running big events. It can seat much more people. It has more parking. Depending on the weather, it can provide more space for tailgating. Speaking of the weather, it has a retractable roof.

That is not to discount TDECU. It is our home field. If the stadium enhancements get completed, it is definitely in play. I consider it a longshot to expand from 42,000 to 60,000 by 2026, which to some of the big boys, is considered small time. Consider however, all the problems we have identified with the game day experience at TDECU magnified by 100 by the national press.

College football belongs on campus.


i’d say once we get the stadium up to 60k, we host everything on campus.


Ultimately would have to leave it up to Coach Prime, but I would rather see us host everything on campus.

What took you so long with the Coach Prime reference?

Tailgating at NRG is better than TDECU so NRG all the way.

Well one thing is for sure, the concession prices will be cheaper at NRG.

How much will a beer cost you at an NFL game?

Beer prices can vary wildly by location as well—and even within the stadium, depending on which brewery you opt for. Interestingly, even if your stadium sells an exorbitantly expensive hot dog, that doesn’t necessarily mean the beer prices correlate. Here are the cheapest beer prices among all the NFL football stadiums:

  • Atlanta Falcons, $5.00
  • New York Jets, $5.00
  • Detroit Lions, $5.00
  • Cincinnati Bengals, $5.27
  • Houston Texans, $6.00


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Remember, in a playoff game the CFP will sell the tickets and receive the income not UH.

Understood. I can see the B12 pressuring UH to play at NRG, to maximize ticket sales from the game.

The reason for playing the first round on campus is to keep from having to pay the huge rent the NFL stadiums would charge.

Yes, good point. I would be curious to know how much it would cost to host a CFP game at NRG. I would think somewhere north of the December bowl it hosts.

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Well, since this likely only happens as a result of some loyal UH fan winning the lottery and becoming a super donor by donating their lottery winnings to the UH athletics department to be used to upgrade everything about our FB program including (i) funding one of the largest NIL programs in America and (ii) hiring a coach as good as Nick Saban - then I think we should just let the new super donor & new coach & Renu Khator decide by a 2/3 majority vote.