UH Legacies?

How many here are UH Legacy students/alums or have sons or daughters, grandsons or grandaughters, that are UH Legacy students/alums?

A Legacy is a 2nd, 3rd, 4th , etc. generation that attended the same University as a previous generation.

I’m curious to see how UH is trending and how it compares to the other schools in the region.

We are approaching our 100th year of existence so that means we have been around for about 4 generations already.

I’ll start: I am a 2nd Generation UH Legacy


Cool post. I’m a first generation coog. But my kiddos will be wearing red and white if I have any say.


Not technically a legacy, but both my brother graduated from UH and one played football here while I was growing up. Those fond memories are a huge reason I went to UH


One of my great aunts went to night school at UH in the 30’s or 40’s. Unfortunately William Prather, who was a former evil empire president, is a many great uncle and my grandfather went to Rice, but at least one ancestor had the sense to be a Coog.


I have a younger sister and my son who both graduated Summa Cum Laude from UH.


My Mom got her master’s and doctorate here starting before I was born and finishing when I was in preschool. I am a proud class of '21 graduate and will be wearing cougar red til the day I die!


My brother and dad graduated from UH. My other brother and I graduated from UHV. I’ve been attending UH games since the 90s and am 32. I feel more of a Cougar than a Jaguar.


Sons and daughters of UH alums have every right to select where the want to go BUT once we get to a point where we churn out mutiple generations of Legacies who WANT to attend UH, all on their own as their own first choice, then we know we’ve really transitioned into a Traditional University.

The University of Houston will be engraved into the family culture at that point!

That should be our next milestone/goal as we pass the century mark in 2027.


Both my parents graduated from UH.


My younger sister earned her MBA from UH in “92. Had more fun as a Coog than an Aggie


First generation but have two cousins who are first and second legacies. Hoping to one day get a trend going for legacies


I am second generation. Dad received his law degree from Bates in 61…I am BBA 81, JD 87.
Plus my daughter in law received her Masters here…
Grew up a Cougar, from Delmar to Hoffeinz to Fertitta, from the Dome to Robertson to TDECU….
True I will Ever Be…:paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


Im first gen cougar from class of 97 and my daughter will graduate at the end of this year. My kids only wore red and white growing up.


Im a Coog grad from Cullen College of Engineering 1976. My son is a 2008 UH pre-med grad and is a PA working in an ER at a local Sugar Land hospital plus a med clinic business owner. My grandkids will be UH grads if they are hoping for grandpa to fund their education :smiley:
Go Coogs forever. Section 229 Row 1 (visitors near me beware!)


I’m a first generation Coog, and I fully expect my kids to be Houston cougar fans, but I have no expectation that they will go to UH.


I’m a 2nd generation Coog. My dad went to UH and I was born a Coog. My kid will be going if I have a say.

When my kid was born a coworker told me to put money aside. When we went to set up The account the guy said you could put stipulations on the account. I had him write Daddy’s money does not pay for texa$, texa$ a$m, texa$ tech, or baylor. I remember him looking up and thinking I was joking. He turned to my wife and she said, no he’s serious. It’s on the account.


2nd gen Coog here.

Dads a UH engineer


I found this article stating Notre Dame and Baylor are among the top schools for legacy students.


Does anyone know UH’s current Legacy %?

I imagine Legacy students are very high ROI students wheras International students are very low ROI students since an American education is only a transactional experience for them whereas Legacy students make it a Family experience.


As my handle suggests, I’m a second generation Coog. After the Korean War, dad’s uncle got him a job on a seismograph crew with humble oil. He used that and the gi bill to get his BA and law degree from UH. Mom migrated over from Louisiana and got her Texas teacher certificate at UH where she met dad.

Much like montcoog, I “Grew up a Cougar, from Delmar to Hoffeinz to Fertitta, from the Dome to Robertson to TDECU”. Probably attended my first football game in 59

While my wife went to a different SWC school, her parents were rabid Coogs and her dad, who some of you would have known, was a founder of the taxi squad

While our kids all left town to go to school, they all bleed scarlet and albino, even the aggie.


I am first generation Coog. Son went to PV. He wanted an engineering degree and UH only admitted him to the technology program. Now that he has his engineering degree he is a programmer and is interested in working more with technology :crazy_face:

The daughter went to UH Downtown because she wanted an International Business degree and UH main didn’t offer one. So she is technically a legacy.