UH Lights-Does this really work?

Has anyone seen this, if it really works like the picture shows? Is it worth buying? Anyone have any experience with these kind of lights? Thanks

I do like the effects but read this.

These are laser lights. It is never a good thing to look directly into a laser light. We had some last Christmas but we quickly took them down & returned them. Just my input others may like them. Consult your eye doctor.

Guy on Facebook has posted a pics and video. Looks pretty good.

If your on FB: Coogs House! | Facebook

Wonder if the projection can be modified though. Probably not given the price but I’m tempted to buy it and crack it open. I do projections for halloween and having a new multi-purpose toy is right up my alley.

Side note: I’d love a simple video of a Cougar head growling with a black background to work into my haunt for next year. If anyone sees one or knows of one please pass it on!

Would be fun to l light up the house on game day. Though I don’t have a house.

I believe these are LED, not laser

If it is just L.E.D.'s my apologies. We got lights last year that said L.E.D. but it turned out they were lasers. Read the fine print on the packaging.

Just found these on clearance for $25 at Academy I-10 and Grandparkway in Katy. About 3 more left. They were towards the right of the store next to the farmer and teasip lights.

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