UH lineman Ed Oliver draws top reviews before awards night

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Coach Collins of Temple failed to mention the dirty play by his lineman that injured Ed.

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That’s what I was thinking too. He should been honest and said “He’s one of the best in the nation that’s why teams have to chop block him”.

Temple wasn’t the only team. Navy did it over and over and held him too. I think that’s why he took the personal foul after the Meyers INT vs Navy. Game was won so it didn’t hurt the team and big Ed just had to “say” something about the cheap shots.

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As you might realize by now, I rewatch every game and focus a lot on the defense. We were held all year…Goaline TD vs Memphis, ED all year, Carter since returning.

I definitely appreciate the time you put in to doing that. I re-watched Navy, and boy was it bad. I don’t know how the refs didn’t flag them a dozen times just for what they did to Ed.

Maybe CMA and our new AD will press the issue during off season league meetings.