UH loses series 1-2 / ECU cliches AAC regular season / May 13/14/15 vs UCF - ESPN+ /

UH is 2 games behind ECU. Sweep UCF to set up a dandy w UH at ECU to end the regular season. (UH still has Rice on May 17th)

ECU w 8 straight at home to finish

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Would love a repeat of 2018 next weekend…IIRC, the Coogs swept ECU on the road (when ECU was in the top 10) on their way to winning the regular season championship…but first, have to take care of business this weekend.

If I’m incorrect about 2018, feel free to correct me

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Anyone at the ball park yet? Can’t go this weekend but will hopefully be watching it off and on

Awful start by the Coogs. We are down 4-0 headed to the bottom of the 1st.

2 to 4 T3.
Hernandez 2 RBI homer


Hernandez….3 run HR. 462 ft. 5-4 Coogs


Lord if this team had good starting pitching it would be special


Coogs up 6-4 heading to the top of the 5th.


Wow pinch hit 3 run homer by Garcia in bottom 8 makes it 9-5 Coogs!

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That was Garcia’s first homer as a Coog.
Coogs go on to win 9-6


This baseball board now:


Gonna really try and make the second game today.

Game 2 Live stats

1st 100 get a UH Lanyard and a win = 2 for 1 Raising Cane’s.

Coogs up 2-1 in bottom of third.

UH puts up 3 in the 5th.
UH 5 to 3.
M Miller pitching for UH in the 6th.

UCF has 6’5” catcher. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

UH loses 5-6. Bummer

I think we be doomed for the outright conference title

…gave up more walks than hits Saturday. :weary:

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