UH Luv Ya Blue Unis. Titans & NFL threaten to sue, per Duarte

Colors can absolutely be trademarked.

They’re awful.

If anything is trademarked in association with a similar property then yes. Yellow sticky note papers called ‘northernotes’ that work and look like post-its is a good example. We are a college team. The oilers were not. There are enough things not in common to counter their claim. Is it worth litigating? Not to me. I’d agree to drop the blue unis in exchange for no further litigation. Just my two cents.

I got an e-mail that it was on the way. They said they couldn’t get it to me 'til the end of November, so we’ll see [^^Fingers Crossed^^].

It was November 20, 1978. One of the most famous plays in Houston Oilers’ history on Monday Night Football.

Sad that the Tennessee Titan’s owner won’t allow the City of Houston to celebrate its football history.



UH about to double down on light blue to stick it to the Titans.

The answer would have been no.


This all stems from Judge Roy Hofeinz disdain for Bud Adams and the power that he had when he was County Judge…remember the Oilers were gypsies and when the Dome opened the Oilers did not initially play in there. The Adams family has had in for UH since…I hope we take it to the mat with them over these unis…would be a great project for our Law School on the issue of IP.


I think my amicus brief in support of the Titans has put that abomination of a uniform in the proverbial dustbin.

Is Johnny Depp your Tonto ? ? ? ? ?

I’m sure I’m gonna laugh when I figure that out

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Great point Dean. IMO we should have never used these unis. We were never the Houston Oilers.
Our PR department could have, should have used the same uniform colors that we had when we played our SWC game. This would have been symbolic and a great homage to CBY.

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This just in… The Athletic ranked the Top Ten alternate jerseys in NCAA football:



From ‘The Athletic’: