UH mailbag: Is a winning season possible after debacle vs. Rice?


Q: Do we still fire the coaches that go 8-4? Is the writers’ strike impacting the quality of Dana’s postgame excuses? How many kidneys do we need to sell to fund Dana’s buyout? Can we schedule extra non-conference games and start the basketball season early? — @coog57 via X

JD: 1. Seven years later, UH president Renu Khator’s “We’ll fire coaches at 8-4” comment still resonates with the fan base. 2. No comment. 3. I do not participate in illegal activity. 4. You want to load up Kelvin Sampson with more games given what the Big 12 schedule looks like?

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Wow Duarte.

Lol, “writers strike”, that’s really funny :joy:

Theres 10 games left so definitely possible albeit unlikely



Anything is possible, but I’m not traveling to Lake Charles to wager on Coogs having a winning season.

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The positive right now is compared to last year in the aac the chance to get to a big game would be gone. This year even with the loss to Rice (we were only favored by 8 not 28) there is no limit.