UH Makes CollegeVine's list of top 10 most Underrated Universities

The University of Houston, lowest ranked of the CollegeVine top 10 by Forbes at 330, has some respectable programs like petroleum engineering that attract students who do very well after graduation.

The “Top 10 Most Underrated Colleges in the U.S.”, from college and high school guidance service CollegeVine, lists the University of Houston as second in the country and first in the Southwest.

CollegeVine argues most rankings overlook valuable public institutions in favor of prestigious private institutions.

UH was noted for its relative affordability, financial assistance and job-prospect for graduates.

“Businesses and governments still hire people from their backyard,” says CollegeVine co-founder Vinay Bhaskara, “All the companies that are expanding in Texas, which has had a really strong economy, for more than a decade and a half… all those companies are hiring in Texas.”