UH Men's BB Schedule Jan 7 - 23...Slug Fest

Great win tonight in Philadelphia @ Temple. The schedule does not get any easier over the next 16 days.

Jan. 11 @ Tulsa…50/50 game…on the road and playing a good team…can the trio of Grimes, Hinton, and Mills get the Coogs off to a strong start? Will our deep bench (Jarreaux, Gorham, et al.) come through again? Defense and rebounding travel well. Let’s hope they make the trip.

Jan. 15 home for SMU…I’m not sure what to make of SMU in 2019-2020; Coogs must protect the home floor.

Jan. 18 @ WSU…the Shockers are legit, they have an outstanding coach, and they will be amped up to protect home court.

Jan. 23 home for UConn…another 50/50 game…will our Coogs be worn out after WSU…will we have enough in the tank to protect FC?

The next 16 days will be a tough stretch. What is your best estimate for the W/L record over the next four games? 2 and 2? 3 and 1? 1 and 3? Don’t tell me the AAC is not a tough four or five bid league.

Go Coogs. Peace.

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Tulsa honestly shouldn’t be a 50/50 game…i know they throttled temple but it had more to do with them not being able to make a basket to save their lives

Tulsa is a game we should win not 50/50.
They are one player dominant with a couple decent role players.
If we bring the energy on the boards we did vs Temple we will handle them.
Temple is a program who plays soft and doesn’t always show up ready. The past 3 games we have faced them they have played their best. They pulled a no show in Tulsa.

I think this team improves every game, doesn’t mean we won’t have some losses along the way. I guarantee that the players and staff know they are headed in the right direction. I say 3-1, probably @ WSU! Who knows what will happen, I picked this as a loss earlier!

What are you guys thinking? 4-0!


Tulsa isn’t a 50/50… they run a zone which might be tricky… but they are a undersized team that struggles to shoot 3s and poorly rebounds…we likely murder them on the boards and they’ll struggle to score on us

Uconn at home isn’t 50/50 … they aren’t good at offense or defense or rebounding… the sole thing that differentiates them is insane block numbers (which is a post determent) … most of the blocks come 1 from player who is a freshman, and 190lbs (akok akok) get him in foul trouble or if Harris can body him and that game is essentially over

Those 2 are like 75-25/80-20 games

Smu is intriguing… built like rice where all bigs are basically 3pt shooting guards (which caused us issues at rice), they are a good rebounding team too and 11-2
… But despite shooting lots of 3s do it at lower percentages… 11-2 but on a really weak schedule, also being at home I’m taking Houston

@wichita the most complete team in the conference; offense, defense, Rebounding, 3pt shooting, driving, post scorers, depth … they have it all.
When I look at them I see a team that can get to the final 4…in the 2021 season
That’s where our advantage lies they are crazy young… every guard on roster is a true sophmore or true freshman (Non stud recruits)…of the 6 bigs they rotate, their 2 upperclass guys are juco…5 of their 6 bigs joined last season or this season

3 - hoping for the best


UH will handle Tulsuck and Smoo. Would love to see College Gameday at Wichita the 18th.

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WSU is the only game I see as a tough win. If we play our ball, we should win the other games. It won’t be pretty but we should win.

I’m thinking that we win them all Go Cougars!!

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Where do you come with these 50/50 games. If Temple was about 55-60/40 gm in our favor , Tulsa (KenPom ranking 102) is abt 65-70/30 gm.
Last I checked a 19 yr old Ray Allen is not traveling with UConn so that game will be about 75/25 in Houston favor. #GoCoogs

Tulsa has lost 4 of their last 6 games. I’m not concerned about Tulsa. Tulsa should be concerned about us.

SMU is going to be a good game because they play 5 out. 1-5 they all shoot 3s so the defense will be key.

10 - 4, red80!

I think several on here get an email update from teamrankings.com. after every Coog game . They show winning % chance of every gm, chance of making Tourney etc… Depending on results it can change up/down of course. As most on this thread commented and were in agreement here are the % chances of Coogs winning next few gms . 1. @Tulsa - 80% , 2. SMU- 70% , WSU-- 40%, 4. UCONN-- 80%.
Have 87% chance of making Tourney after last night. #GoCoogs

Edit: matter of fact only game besides @ WSU that they will be under 50% is @Memphis-- 33%. Currently @Cinn is 53%.

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I was going to mention his 50/50 pick on UCONN but felt the Tulsa game was outlandish enough to focus.
Jordan is right, we have a lot of advantages on Tulsa and those zone defense don’t help them rebound. Temple slaughtered Tulsa on the the boards in their win the other night.
We should he 4-0 heading to WSU.

Temple had a 14-3 advantage in offensive rebounds over Tulsa, but it didn’t help Temple. Tulsa won the game decisively.

Tulsa won the game by over 20.

I think we win them ALL.

Go Coogs!!

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I love seeing the huge leap Harris has made. He is more assertive (could be more), playing more active on the boards and making free throws. He is making the whole team better.

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In the last 2 games he’s proved me wrong about providing no offense other than outback’s. Of course he won’t be the “go to” guy but it’s been a significant leap