UH needs to look past the Big 12

I see many on this board and around social media salivating at an opportunity to go to the Big 12 if Oklahoma and Texas go to the SEC. While I understand many feel that a watered down Big 12 will still be better than the current AAC, I believe many are missing the forest by only focusing on the trees.

Everyone needs to realize that an SEC expansion will be the beginning of a shift to 4 Super Conferences consisting of 16-20 teams in the future. And if that is the case, WE NEED TO ANCHOR OURSELVES TO ONE OF THOSE FOUR CONFERENCES - AND THE BIG 12 AINT ONE OF THEM!

The SEC and BIG10 are the strongest conferences and the ACC and PAC12 aren’t going anywhere because of their brand names and east/west coast markets. Even if the Big 12 tries to salvage the league by back filling with some of the stronger G5 schools, including us, we will still be in an extremely unstable conference sitting like ducks waiting for the other 4 major conferences to begin picking apart the big 12 scraps when they are ready to finish off their super conference structures.

Therefore, I think we only have one conference we should be focused on if this shift begins and that is the PAC 12. Out of the four major conferences, they are the one we bring the most value to with our time zone and media market. If there is a way to get in when this shift begins, we can avoid being caught later in a few years hoping we land in one of the Major 4 conferences when the big 12 dissolves and this game ends.

UH doesn’t need to be short sited in this. We need to play with the END GAME in mind.

PAC 16 or BUST!!!


Luckily, TOP 25 sent an email to Dr. Khator so I think she is looking into this.


I agree! It’s settled let’s join the PAC. When is the first conference game?

I jest but the point is we can only do what is available. If no PAC invite (which I don’t expect anytime soon) UH cannot turn down an invite from a reconstituted big 12.

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I hear you MacGregor, but what I’m saying is that we should focus our energy on pursuing the PAC12 as our best case scenario and then if UT and Oklahoma do leave, I think the Big 12 will be backed into a corner and almost have to invite us.

That’s just my opinion.


We are in the endgame unfortunately for us we are not in a mover and shaker position. If the mover goes through as written, then it will be the Big 10’s next move which could be anything from massive expansion decapitating the PAC to KU +1. And it goes from there, we are going to be kids on draft night hoping to hear our names called somewhere with a nice lending spot.

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The bigger the better. 4 Supers of 20 teams = UH is in !

No one is salivating over anything. Most programs now are focused on survival first, then stability and the opportunity for growth.

That can probably really happen through an alliance of both conferences in some capacity.

While not cohesive at present, the B12 schools represent the strongest core of competitive programs. We don’t decide if we go to the Pac. We have to maneuver based on the here and now. And that could likely mean aiming for the lesser evil.
We need to be ready to make the best choice then fight like Hell for that outcome. Is Aresco willing to ride a poachable ship to the bottom or is he willing to get out of the box? Or are his hands tied contractually (working in best interest of all member schools).

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Why does a team from the the best football state in the union need to join the 12Pac?

The state of Texas has the 9th largest GDP in the world. Its time the Universities in this state set up a new SWC and make things right. Act like leaders again!

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Because after the top 3 teams each year the games will be unwatchable.

Nobody is going to pay for that.

I agree with OP. Sooner or later you need to elevate your own operation and quit trying to be good enough for someone else’s standards.

That makes no sense.

I remember an empty astrodome.


Why settle there? Let’s shoot to join the AFC South.


Oilers > generic Texans

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Some talking head said Bowlsby saved CFB last year. Ferttita won’t do another dog and pony show for him. Could Aresco poach the Big 8? A lot of Power conferences making dinner menus. Cincy and UCF are the AAC brides now. A school has to be able to raise all of the ships :passenger_ship: in a conference regarding media revenue…Big 8 will still have the remaining media playoff revenue until it implodes. Houston is not being mentioned much at all.

I’m hearing Houston in almost every conversation.


Any port in a storm.

You are right I am hearing more in scenarios of the Big 12 milking the money 4 years. Then I hear more scenarios of everyone running away from the hand grenade ASAP.