UH @ Oklahoma - Game 3 Sunday - Noon FoxSportsSW (L 12-2)

Go Coogs, need a win today to break up this bad mojo

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Sad getting destroyed again.

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I’m old enough to remember when people were excited about our prospects after sweeping a SWAC school.

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Well, just be comforted in knowing that we’re an elite program.


Coogs walk in a run. Imagine that. After 6, OK leads 12-2.

Was taking a basketball break, but back to it. Baseball game is too depressing.

Like women’s basketball, let’s just hope our conference isn’t very good lol

Have we given up?

Nope, just got an ass whopping

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You’re real perceptive like the night before.


No other way to put it, acknowledge it and put it in the rear view mirror

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Our pitching is awful… Time to do something Coach Whitting…

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