UH Opponent News

Some news regarding UH opponents

  • And some others that may be opponents in the future aren’t have the best starts to recruiting in 2017
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That is the one thing that is sad to me about the Big 12 expanding. I think long term the AAC could have been a better overall league. UCF and USF looked like they could become consistently strong, Cincinatti and Temple as well. Then in the West UH, Navy, Memphis, and maybe eventually SMU could all have been the banner bearers and earned the conference a bigger payday. I feel like all eight of those could have been top 60 program every year and that would have garnered eyeballs on TVs and thus money in contracts.
Now we will never know.

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Louisville will have a fine replacement by Nov.
USF could be the rep from the east.

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Baylor. LULz.

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