UH opponents records so far

0-7 for UH opponents so far.


Navy is currently down 0-7 to Marshall. Obviously we play tech soon. Smu and Memphis should win their games but I have no idea based on how this week has gone lol

Two of those losses are against FCS teams.

Already had this compiled from a post in another thread

UConn- 45-0 L to Fresno, 38-28 L to Holy Cross (FCS)
Temple- 61-14 L to Rutgers
USF- 45-0 L to NCST
ECU- 33-19 L to App St.
Tulsa- 19-17 L to UC Davis (FCS)
Tulane- 40-35 L to OU
Rice- 38-17 L to Ark
Navy- 49-7 L to Marshall

Games yet to be played:
Memphis vs Nicholls (FCS)
SMU vs Abilene (FCS)
UH vs Tech

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The only ones that looked remotely competitive were Tulane and maybe Rice (for a hot minute)

Soft schedule for a soft team. Anything short of 8 wins and Dana needs to go.