UH Partners with IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions - University of Houston

“We are excited to begin our partnership with IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions,” UH Vice President for Athletics Chris Pezman said. “We have committed to focusing on fan experience, and that begins from the moment they even think about attending a Houston Athletics event. Adding IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions will bolster our existing ticket staff and help provide exceptional customer service.”


Sounds like Pezman reads this board.


If that is the case then Mr. Pezman, please allow Cougar fans to bring in a bottle of water when we have an early game in August and September. Better yet, have someone just inside the gates handing out water.

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Great idea!!!

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And, please do away with that stupid, loud recording announcing a score from a past football game every time we are put on hold when calling the ticket office! My ears would appreciate that very much!

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Unless things changed, there are white coolers that serve as watering stations if you need water in the lower concourse area.