UH pathway to AAC championship

Granted UH to has to run the table, Is there a pathway to AAC championship and what is it.

Yeah, but its to buy some tickets and travel to watch some other teams play in the game…

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Give it up. We’re playing for respectability now and next season.

They’re playing for bowl eligibility now. It may come down to the final game of the season (vs. Navy) before we know.

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We win out, Memphis loses 2.

There’s no way that UH will win out, but even if (by some miracle) we did, SMU and Memphis would both have to lose 2.

The odds of that happening are slim and none, and slim just left town.

We just need to continue to improve and make a bowl game for this season to be a success.

SMU just need to lose one… We have the tie breaker over them

Were you at the game Thursday ?

No thank you. Last week was delusional enough with “you know we still technically control our own destiny in the West even though we just got blown out by a team that lost to Tulane and UCONN” mumbo jumbo.

Bowl Eligibility is the big goal for 2017. Woo hoo. How bout that basketball team today though.

Yes, that’s right about SMU, but Memphis (now at 6-1) has already beaten both UH and Navy and has 3 home games left against 3 of the weakest teams in the conference (ECU, SMU & Tulane) and 1 road game at our conference doormat Tulsa (now at 2-6).