UH Released their B12 presentation material

Haven’t downloaded the powerpoint. Maybe later. Its 426MBs.


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I have watched the video and the powerpoint. Whereas it did highlight the key aspects of our university. I thought it was very short and brief. I wonder why that was? I mean, if I was going to present something for membership into an exclusive club, I would have maybe gone a little longer, but hey, I wasn’t involved with these discussions, so I’m assuming, we were told to keep it brief. Not a bad presentation, aside from it being very short. Go Coogs!

I have no doubt that each school was given a time period to present their case. After all, those guys did not want to waste THEIR time listening to long presentations, when they knew it was only for show anyway!

Maybe this is one of the oddities some schools were referring too when talking about the process. It would certainly feel strange to be asked to fly out with your big dogs only to give this brief pitch on a potentially monumental matter.

Just looked at the slideshow.

So much school pride right now!!

In hindsight I wish we had taken a page out of Don Draper’s presentation to Honda.

There was more than just the slide show. From my understanding a couple of UH reps were on Skype as well with them. So I believe that is where the gap is filled during the presentation.

The link in the OP has an introductory paragraph that says TF, RK and HY gave a 2-hr presentation.

Several of the slides had additional information that you had to click on to get the full presentation. There were no “background only” slides. If you don’t know that the extra information is there, you can blow right through some of the most important information.

Some of the most interesting information attacked the “Texas would have too many schools” argument.

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