UH sees increase in enrollment


Maybe more are stating local bc of the pandemic plus the state is growing in pop. Can’t wait till we hit 50k down the road.

Great news!

If we go undefeated this year, we’ll be at 50K next Fall. There is a correlation with a winning football team and enrollment. At least applications will increase dramatically.


I think the correlation is between winning teams and applications. Last football season disproves your theory right there I think.

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I definitely think it’s covid related

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At least one of our posters suggested that some state schools, including UH, would go out of business because of Covid 19.

These numbers bear out that it was a crazy assertion.

I wonder what the number of applicants was and
what the acceptance rate is at now. And do we know
how many students this semester may be online only or nearly completely online ?

Correlation between winning teams and applicants
is pretty strong I think; but covid effect changes everything too.

Looking forward to celebrating when we hit 50k !

It’s actually the opposite. Covid hurts the big schools more in that kids say if I can’t have that on campus experience, I don’t want to have my parents paying. UH will be fine bc we have a mix of on campus and commuter. I know a family friend’s kid that is a great student that is attending UH bc all his friends are staying local for instance.


Wow! I wrote this in September 2021 and now, freshmen applications have increased dramatically. But I think the culmination of successful athletics, academics and going to the Big12 contributed.


So 2020 was 30k, 2021 was 35k, now 38k. It’s def gonna be 43k next Fall MINIMUM. Holy moly.


We should ask all applicants why do you want to be a Houston Cougar and, if you are accepted, in what ways do you see this as a lifelong relationship with the University of Houston?

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There has to be a correlation with the big12 if it’s this soon after with that huge increase. I read that kids regards schools in major conferences as being better academically etc. It’s why kids choose Bama etc. If Bama was in Cusa no one would want to go there as much. It’s gotta be big 12 related.

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The question is how many are going to be accepted and how many will enroll.

About 6600 enrolled. No idea on accepted. If it’s by proportion, then about 25k got in. Maybe 20. If it’s by normal stats, then 17k got in and it’s about 44 percent.

Normally it’s 63, last year might have been 55 given proportional admissions.

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