UH Statement on Head Coach Position

UH Statement on Head Coach Position

University of Houston Vice President for Athletics Hunter Yurachek
“In his short time in Houston, Tom Herman elevated the Houston Football program to new heights, and we are grateful for his contributions to our program. The entire University of Houston community wishes he and his family continued success in this new chapter in their lives.


I wouldn’t say the entire University of Houston community.

Far from it, I think.

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“and we should collect our $2.5M in a few days”


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Until the NCAA takes control of the situation with some strong rules this will continue to take place. The sad thing is that it is teaching our kids to lie and do whatever it takes and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt in doing so. This is NOT what college should be teaching them. Who are these UH student-athletes going to trust moving forward in their lives? The answer is no one and they will find it acceptable to run over people to get what they want.


One thing we can thank Tom for, is giving our chance to showcase that we pay pretty good, Houston athletes are interested in staying home, we upgrade facilities when asked and we get national attention when we are good.

The list of quality coaches ready to come to UH is probably 10 times greater than 2 years ago. I hope our A.D. takes note of that when he gives a priority list of what to look for to the hiring firm.

  1. A history of success at the FBS level.
  2. A history of great recruiting (preferably in Houston or Texas in general)
  3. If the money is competitive with top 25 FBS coaches are they willing to put on paper their long term commitment to UH. In other words, putting in the contract no negotiating with other schools until last year of contract or an extra large buyout compensating UH for lack of long term commitment.
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