UH Strength Coach Alan Bishop

I’m sure many have seen Coach Bishops Twitter or Instagram posts. But heres a recent video of him discussing his thought process as a Strength Coach


Great post.

He’s a monster!

I’ve heard players say before that we need to be careful and make sure that we keep him happy.


Man, Alan is very impressive. Glad he’s with us.


He is a quote machine- “before 30 [years of age], you train with your balls. After 30, you train with your brain”.


Coach Bishop is the modern day Tom Wilson


I was a trainer under Tom and I remember in 75’ or76’ he visited Nebraska’s weight program under strength coach Boyd Epley. When he came back he told coach Yeoman that NU had a bunch of Vikings up there! We changed our weight lifting approach and beat Neb. 2 years later in the Cotton Bowl!


Just by listening to him talk you could tell how knowledgable and innovative he is!


Tramon Mark and Jwan Roberts in the weight room. April 14th.


Emmanuel Sharp, April 5th.

My business allowed me to get to know Alan. My company sells and installs sports flooring. Example, we have done every D-1 competition volleyball floor in this part of the state. UH, A&M, Rice and LSU are all customers. We also did the weight room flooring in the GVL.
Again, I feel blessed to have not only a business relationship but a friendship with AB. I only say that to make this point. There is not a finer or more professional person that I have ever been around. The way he approaches his profession is cutting edge. We / he is always looking for ways to train our kids better. If he is not the best in the country at what he does, I would bet you would only call a couple of names before you got to his.


In a recent Bishop Twitter post, Sharp is doing front squats with 315lbs. That is pretty awesome. He is going to be a beast to slow down.


315 is real and is a good indicator that he is back physically.


That’s not 315. Those are 10lb plates


Those are not 10 lb plates
They are 45s

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He would be freakishly strong if he could squat that for reps. Might have to call Coach Holgorsen and get him in some pads!


Those looks like 10s actually but they might be 40s.

85 pounds is still a lot to front squat

Edit: now i think they’re 10s. I’ve front squared this weight before and it’s hard on the shoulders can’t imagine them front squatting 225

The camera is deceptive. It sure looks like 45’s at first glance. Now that I look closer they are 10’s.

3 tens on each side plus bar would be 105 total

2 10s on each side
40 + 45 bar. 85

Nvm i see what you mean it looks like 3 might also be 2. We’ll never know at this point

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