UH System Board of Regents Meetings Meeting - Aug. 22, 2019

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Agenda for today:



While I like good surprises, nothing would be a better surprise than being ask to join a P5 but no one could keep that a secret. Okay moving on.


From the Chronical…

Contingent on matching donations. Could be interesting after just completing the Billion Dollar campaign.


Got this in my email

Dear Friends of the University of Houston,

I am delighted to share exciting news. Earlier today at our Board of Regents meeting, we announced the single largest contribution to the “Here, We Go” Campaign — $50 million! The anonymous pledge creates a matching initiative called Aspire Fund: The $50 Million Challenge to advance the University’s efforts to attract preeminent faculty through endowed chairs and professorships. Through the donor’s one-to-one match, we hope others are inspired to maximize their impact and play an active role in transforming innovative research and scholarship at the University of Houston.

This landmark commitment will establish four new universitywide interdisciplinary institutes that will lead us into a new era of innovation and discovery. Led by internationally credentialed faculty, these institutes will specialize in signature areas that uniquely underpin the social, political and economic future for both Houston and the world. Renowned thought leaders will challenge students to pursue important areas of study, providing them with a practical education, particularly in STEM fields, and prepare them to thrive on a global level. This new environment will advance our intellectual capital and heighten our engagement with students and the community at-large, ultimately contributing to the economic development of our region.

Visionary philanthropy of this magnitude is entrusted to only a few, and our ability to honor this commitment is a testament to your active engagement and support, which has prepared us for this moment. I am forever grateful. This is a big win for the University, which translates into a big win for all of us.

So let us celebrate and look forward to the many opportunities that will unfold as we shape the future of higher education.


Eloise Brice

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