UH & TCU were apparently courted by Pac 12

Just read an article online from 24/sports that while Big XII was looking at expansion Pac 12 was talking to TCU and UH as expansion targets.

This may be yet another piece of the puzzle regarding our invite to Big XII.

Also online, apparently the next two targets for the Big XII after TX/OU depart for the SEC are Boise State and Memphis.

IMHO this would make a great conference

Update: Essentially the same claim made by Yahoo Sports:

Both articles say UH turned down Pac 12 for Big XII invite. (A decision I would support long term).

Maybe this is what caused the Big XII to get off the dime.
UH and TCU going west would have been the nails in the coffin for the remaining 7 schools.


Sorry. You are 48 hours late posting this story.

Discussed to its’ death.


If we are looking to maintain close regional rivalries with non-flagship universities with average academics, we stay in the Big 12 and hope we are not always the #5 Power Conference in terms of $$ and prestige.

If we want to align ourselves with flagship universities with AAU and high research metrics, in bigger markets, we join the PAC and trade a few late night kickoffs for more $$, more prestige, and a higher academic ceiling. Oh, and better road trips!


I agree the Pac with their western monopoly is the stable, high value landing spot.

But, damn, those late night games.

I think we have the best of all worlds in the B12 for the next 3-5 years. After that the safest place to be is the PAC.

Lastly, I do not believe we turned down the PAC in any form because no offer has yet been presented.

(My opinion - not my intel)

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If they add 4 Central Time Zone schools, we may only have a few late night kickoffs.

We control our 4 OOC games.
Half of our conference games will be played at home.

Of our road conference games, if we get a couple vs the other CTZ schools, it won’t be that bad.

Plus, there are a few Mountain Time Zone schools we could play at.

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I wouldn’t run from it because of the lateness. But I would have to plan for it.


Late night games > 11AM kickoffs


Well, comparatively speaking, you have an excellent point.

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Aaawe … this is sounding like those Disney classics … Cinderella … Sleeping Beauty … Snow White …

Someone came ah courting’ for us and those horny toads … I guess those toads were too horny or they didn’t give up ah praying soon enough …

And those invitations never came or were lost in the mail … or Dumpy Grumpy and Sleezy never checked the mail boxes.

Oh well that’s what happens when the magical kingdom has everything but … faxes …

For the two bewildered coogs below … I didn’t create this looney toons thread … nor used “courted” originally … the article mentioned the froggies getting away from religious practices and has anyone EVER stepped on a horny toad barefooted … they are not called HORNY for chuckles and grins … and

Please call out the 3rd Marine division because I attempted to lighten all of this with a Disney parody

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I just don’t believe this story.

I don’t believe the Big 12 was only going to expand with 3 teams-story, either.

I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said, “Ninety-nine percent of everything you read on the internet is crap.”


i think its very believe able from a time zone and recruitment standpoint atleast for UH. However UH is desperate for a real big time Texas rivalry game being in the Pac doesnt accomplish that.

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Yep … my neighbor … Daniel.Boone … had a cable disk on his log cabin roof in Kentucky ah few miles from Abe’s place …

Very interesting!!