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So what is the status of the old Fan Shop located right in front of the stadium. Did this re-open under the new Fanatics ownership? If so, does the store (boy I hope so) have plenty more merchandise than what they have online?

It was closed for renovation last Saturday when I went by there. Not sure about now.

OK – thank you.

I went by Saturday as well when I was in town for a wedding. Was super bummed. Then trucked over to the SC and the bookstore was closed as well. At 330pm on a Saturday. WOOF.

What could they be possibly be renovating? The place is still new!

Bookstore is open Saturdays again now that the semester is starting. Fan shop was never open weekends except game days.

Its being renovated and it has a Fanatics sign in there so im assuming its been taken over by that new deal with fanatics and will be operated by them now and not the university.

That is correct, they took over the contract that Barnes and Noble previously held.

Is the take over from B&N a good thing? I’d imagine more in-store and online choices?

You’d think so, but UHFanShop.com is just a port from our Fanatics page, which is a joke. Same, limited selection that Fanatics has always had. The Nike section has five items. FIVE. They put zero work into it whatsoever.

On the other hand, the B&N store in the SC has a great selection.


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I would hope that they would expand their choices and not just mirror the website. However, it might take a little time for them to do so. I don’t know when they won the contract but typically they would do buying for the fall back in the spring, if they didn’t have the time… they might not have the selection they could. We’ll see though.

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