UH to receive graduated scale distribution in the BIG12

Bowlsby acknowledged that it’s premature to discuss distribution for the joining AAC schools until they disengage from the AAC . He expects a graduated scale distribution format which is typical.

When BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati and Houston arrive — currently projected for the 2023 football season — they’ll receive Big 12 revenue on a graduated incremental basis. When the Big 12 added TCU and West Virginia, those schools received a 50 percent revenue share in 2012-13, 67 percent in 2013-14, 85 percent in 2014-15 and 100 percent in 2015-16. Bowlsby said when the three American Athletic Conference schools make it official, he expects a similar graduated scale.


Even at 50% share the first season we still payoff the exit few and earn a lot more


not thrilled about it, but since it is previous policy, OK fine…based strictly on 40 mil per year without factoring in increases sure to come in future years, the scale for UH would be…
Year 1- 20 mil
year 2 -27 mil
year 3-34 mil
year 4- full 40 mil
perfectly good…


We can stay in AAC and get full 100% if that make you feel better. Just saying.


UH received 8.5 million from the AAC for 2021-2022 and that represented only 11 % of UH athletic budget

Even at 50% distribution, the big12 would bump that to 33% for 2023-2024, a three fold increase.

At 100 % of current 42 million, the big12 check would represents more than 56 % of UH current budget.

Naturally, the UH athletic budget will increase linearly with increased revenue. The place to peg it is at 105 million equivalent to 40 % of the athletic department budget. That is a whopping 30 million increase from current.

Give students some relief on their tuition.

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I’m shocked that this hasn’t been worked out in advance. Is this news to UH and the other new schools?

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Not surprising at all to me. With the uncertainty of when and how OUT are leaving for the SEC, the new Big12 has a lot of moving parts yet to be negotiated.

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So for our first year, we’ll get just enough to pay off the AAC. We’ll actually get less than we get now because we won’t be getting the $8 from the AAC.

Big 12 schools are going to be getting big payouts from UT and OU. Chickenshit move to force new schools, who are also paying exit fees to join your conference, to get less payout. I highly doubt the SEC is going to give UT and OU half revenues. The Big 12 needs to give the schools full revenues immediately.

All the more reason to believe that UH won’t play OU or UT. The existing schools will hoard the schedule for higher gate and concessions.

We will get the scraps.

This is in advance. We are looking to move in two years early.