UH to rename Calhoun Lofts after violence in Charlottesville

How pc of our administration, what cowards. Next anything Cullen will be removed, because they lived in the time of segregation.

I’ll agree that maybe this wasn’t necessary. But it’s the changing tide.

Sigh…so removing a name of someone that didn’t pay any money to have his name on the building is the cowardly way out? Why does this matter. The lofts were named because they were on Calhoun Road.

Now UH can sell naming rights to the Lofts and make some money off of it. Seems smart to me.

Irony is Calhoun pretty much invented the concept of minority rights and the use of the constitution as a tool for states to sue the fed govt when they felt over each by the executive branch…just like the dems are doing now
He is seen as one of the most influential senators of all time …but sure let’s throw the baby out with the bath water… I mean he defended slavery like many creators of this country did so by all means let’s erase thier contributions and visages and names from our history…

Sound logic there bud.

I think the reason why there’s a clear division in the nation on this topic comes down to two things. Have you ever been a victim or fit the description of being a victim of racism. In other words, could it happen to you?

The other being what you believe to be moral and ethical. Sure many of this nations fore fathers did amazing things for every IMMIGRANT in this nation. Basically for everyone fighting over this issue. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that they did something truly terrible.

I never thought about this myself until I watched this:

He invented the concept of minority rights in order to ensue that white slaveowners in the south would not be overrun by northerners. He never intended for it to be used by actual minorities.

He did not defend slavery “like many creators of the country did,” he defended it from the belief that whites were the superior race and that slavery was a positive good, not a necessary evil as many of his southern peers of the time we’re saying. He literally spoke on the senate floor of the positives of slavery.

Was he an important figure in history: Yes. Is he somebody that should have his name on a building at the second most diverse university in the nation when he has no connection to Houston or the University: No.


I’m not even sure this is truly a racial issue for most arguing the issue. If this decision and this press release occurred 10 years ago, nobody would even blink an eye. If it occurs 6 years ago, nobody would blink an eye. If this occurred 6 months ago, no one would blink an eye. However, with the decision coming immediately after the events in Virginia, this Is now an “us vs them” issue that gets caught up in the political divide that this country is going through. Now it is seen as the Dems/Libs “winning” so the right comes out against it. If it was the Repubs/right that made this decision, the left would come out against it just as hard.

Politics in this country is gang warfare right now; too many people don’t have a side until they find out what side “their” party is on. Both Parties flip-flop on issues constantly while catering to their extremes in order to generate money to keep them in business. Neither party truly cares about legislation and true compromise that helps the country and its constituents; both just care about “winning” and drumming up outrage over petty issues ensures that no one is talking about what actually matters. Basically, the politicians on both sides get rich while everyone else suffers.

It really is too bad that our political system doesn’t really allow for more than two parties and more than two political viewpoints.

But this issue shouldn’t be political either.

If the right could only understand they’d feel the same way and protest in the same manner if they felt persecuted.

Everyone is being selfish and unwilling to accept the discomforts of others. What happened to treating others the way you want to be treated?

That doesn’t make money for the corporations that own the media conglomerates or the loud opinionated “experts” on TV/Radio.