UH-TT > aggy-arky?

Only only nine matchups of undefeated teams this weekend. Our game is one of those. The other one isn’t.

The tv ratings should be interesting.

I wonder which one might be a better game. I smell a stinker and sniff a barn burner.

I don’t know. The intrigue of a nice scorching SEC “Hot Seat Bowl” should be pretty strong.

Small sample size, but my Aggie best friend is going to the game with me Saturday. Caveat is that we DVR Ags and watch afterwards, but they seem pretty resigned that this season will be a wash.

If by wash, you mean a 6-6 season for the ags, I think they will have to pull at least one out of their hat to achieve that.

That a$m and arky game should be labeled Dead Coaches walking sidelines !!


Arkansas has been closer to average than great since they left the SWC.