UH @ Tulane - Games 3 & 4 Friday - (W 7-4) (L 6-5)

Going into the 3rd, Coogs were down 1-0.

But Coogs have rallied. Up 2-1 with men on 2nd and 3rd with no outs in 3rd

Coogs put up 7 in the top of the 3rd.

Did we pick up a few ringers last night?


That’s great! But with our pitching, we still might lose…

Yep. It’s now in the top of the 6th, Coogs up 7-3.

Going to the bottom of the 9th, Coogs up 7-4.

Cherry has been pitching since the last out of the 6th.

Coogs win 7-4.

Next game probably around 7


Game ended with bases loaded as Tulane hitter just missed a walkoff grand slam before taking a call 3rd strike. The UH win broke Toolame’s 12-game win streak

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ESPN+ channel still says “event about to start”? Anybody an idea of game time?

Game 2. Going to top of the 6th.

Tulane 6
UH 0

Top of 6th. One out.

Pendergrass walks with bases loaded. Run scores. 6-1.

Revis strikes out. Two outs.

Long fly ball to fence, but caught and side retired.

Top 7th.

Tulane 6
UH 4.

Hernandez singles. Advances to 2nd base on wild pitch.
Post strikes out. 2 outs.
Pendergrass with full count…singles, but runner is held up. Two on and two outs.

Tulane with pitching change.

Cherry batting. Pop up. Out. Side retired.

Going to bottom of 7th. Tulane leads 6-4.

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Coogs aren’t giving up. Still working the top of the 7th with a man on second and two outs.

Going to top of the 9th. Tulane leads 6-4.

Top of 9th.

Bercal strikes out.
Belamowicz HR. Tulane up 6-5.
Hernandez single.
Post single. Runners on 1st and 2nd.
Pendergrass strikes out. 2 outs.
Benjamin strikes out. Game over.

Final score: Tulane 6 UH 5.

Well, they fought. I’ll take it…considering.

I’ll take a DH split on the road vs a ranked team all day long. Let’s hope this breaks team out the rut have been and gets hot down the stretch

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But it wasn’t really a split. Coogs only won one out of four.

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Yes Sir, just hoping it’s positive vibe to get out the rut…one day at a time

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