UH up to 114 in Forbes College Rankings

Here is the progression:

2017 = #369
2018 = #330
2019 = #306
2021 = #114

They changed their methodology which gave public universities a boost:

“We took the pandemic year to re-evaluate (we suspended the list in 2020). As we watched Covid turn higher ed upside down, we realized we needed to update the way we measure the best colleges in America.”

Full explanation here:


So in order to know if 114 is good relative to the previous years listed, 2017-19 need to be recomputed using the new formula.

good for us……atm 50, ut 48
rice 24

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Baylor #205
TT #163
TCU #184
Oklahoma State #204
Kansas #188
K State #230
WVU #240
Iowa State #156

BYU at 53
Cincinnati 224
UCF 138

So Coogs are the 2nd highest Forbes member of the new B12


Yeah the Forbes ranking heavily weighs alumni “success” and job placement, both of which UH places high on.

This is where being in a large metro area helps.


BYU having the highest ranking surprised me as well as Kansas showing
so poorly in this rating.

BYU grads help each other via their church.

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Only 3 SEC schools ahead of us and they’re not one of their championship teams.

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