UH v Tech Game ticket sales picking up



People on here were crying that the game wasn’t gonna sell 30k tickets


Hopefully it will be majority UH fans.


Pez said at the Cougar Pride gathering that it will be mostly UH fans.


50k by GameDay? But I’m fairly certain most of that is not season ticket holders. They to my understanding still have alot available.

ROTLMAO if anyone thinks there will be 50k people in the stadium. Delusional


One thing is for sure. It will look empty even at 50,000.

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Yall some negative m fers. Every time UH has played at Reliant the crowds have been good.


I think we will at least approach 50K.
Why is it so delusional Chris?
The crowd for OU was spectacular. Yes I know the differences for that game.
We also had a solid crowd for WSU and there was less anticipation for that season

Anyway we will find out in a week

I remember being pleasantly surprised by the crowd at The Wazzu game. Tech is an obviously better draw than that.

What he did not say was that those tickets purchased by all those Houston fans were obtainable using the Texans app (they are not) or that the issues with retrieving tickets for that game were all under control. Pezman is not interested in managing details (like getting us our tickets) but gleefully announces the as yet obtained outcome. I am constantly underwhelmed by Chris Pezman.

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Just bought our tickets. My wife and I are coming down from Austin and we will be going with 3 friends in Houston and my MIL. There’s 6 more to the attendance count!


Way to go Anthony! We have a season ticket group of 8 folks going to the game together.

[NOTE: We had Pervian Horse training friends (back in the '80’s) named Juan & Bonny Gallegos - but that was a long time ago.]

Not any more delusional than thinking there’ll be more Tech fans there. :man_facepalming:t2:


Am part of a group of 10 going.


Some will try to tell is the Sooners had more fans than U of H at the OU game. No way that is true.


I loved that game like a child. Dang that was beautiful.

No it was like 60-40 UH to OU, but OU travels well, we didn’t take 30,000 to Norman lol

I think there will be a lot of people there.

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I bought ours yesterday. I wanted to make sure the hurricane wasn’t coming here. Prayers for louisiana… gonna be a cat 5.

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