UH v Tulane - 2023 AAC Baseball Tourney - UH Game 4

Looks like the weather is going to cooperate.

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Great win & did it w a few of the struggling pitchers.



Bianco doing double duty ? Watching his son & poaching Tulane ?

Hey Buddy,

I did not see you had started this thread before game today….I saw game four and thought it was old.

Did not mean to step on your toes….you always have such great information and content.

I’ll step away and let you start the next game thread friend.

Thanks man but my being structured on here is just about keeping people engaged.
Soon the B12 will help that greatly.

No stepping on toes. The conversation is what matters.
I posted on the old thread only cause my last notice was from that thread.

Start a thread. I cant watch in real time
Its game one of the NLL (Box Lax) finals tonight.
Sick rematch of Buffalo - Colorado & I have a condo full of Ontario/WNY-CNY types.

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“I have a condo full of Ontario/WNY-CNY types.”

Is that a good thing? :joy:

I will check in on the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament every year…didn’t know there was a professional league.

Can guys make $$$ ?

Tonight is the Indoor/Box and not played in USA colleges.
Six Nations/Iroquois version. Its all about pounding on people.
Everyone is huge in a LB kind of way. The Goalies are massive.
Always a brawl.

Canada (5 Teams) and Upstate NY (Team in Buffalo/Rochester/Albany) are strong holds but even Panther City in Ft Worth & the Atlanta team do well. New team in Vegas team this season

That is Field/Outdoor Lax. Footwork, speed, & hand eye coordination.
Small mans game on offense. Tall & thin on defense.

The outdoor pro league does a weekend tour to a new city all summer

Yes but both area weekend leagues . Guys play where they work.
Great $ also in having your owner gear brand.

Yes if you like watching the sunrise w a Michelada in hand.
Canucks call it a “Bloody Caesar.”

This is long. Enough Lax talk.
All games in ESPN+ if you have an interest.

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Yeah it sounds interesting.

I’ll stroll on over to the plus and check it out.

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On ESPN 2/ESPN now.
You can watch 1st 1/2 before UH.

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Why are there refs?:joy:

Hey create the topic—-you do it better.

I’ll update it.

Are the goalies 350 lbs? Or is that just a ton of gear?

Ideally huge. Shoulders square, elbows in & fill as much space as possible.
Pads take care of the 5 Hole.

Colorado goalie lost his form & started reaching yesterday.
You reach = Buffalo’s Dane Smith teach. (2 Time NLL MVP)

NYC goalie has the perfect build.

If you want more Lax talk. We can do it in satellite.

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