UH vs #19 Texas - Game 3 Sunday - 1:30pm ESPN+ (L 8-2)

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13 walks in the first two games and three here in the 1st inning.

Anderson had his pitchers challenge the hitters and throw strikes. A quick way to get pulled was to walk people.

Since Rooney has taken over the pitchers, walk counts are way up and chances for the other teams to have big innings has increased. Believe this has been a big reason why the team has been down since Anderson left.


So fans are allowed in?

I believe only players families

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I see many people without a mask right now at the game.

Not on campus! For students & staff.

Dugout Club members also allowed in.

We need damage control…

6 runs without the ball getting out of the infield. Geez

Five of their seven runs walked or were hit by pitch.

We have walked 10 batters going into the ninth.

We have walked 22 batters in the three game series.

Need to make batters beat you. Both the 1st game of this series and this game we will have lost more due to walks than Texas beating us with hits.


Lets not turn this into a political discussion. Just because you don’t think lifting the mask mandate is a good idea doesn’t mean anyone cares what you think.


Should’ve had that series…

Coach Rooney has some work to do…

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We did battle Texas the entire series except Sunday. As long as they keep getting better throughout the season its gonna be fun. One thing texas did was not swing too much and get our pitch counts high.

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Man, if we could have somehow squeaked out a couple of runs in that first game… bummer.

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Apparently you do lol.


I also have noticed a decline in pitching performance since Anderson left, but Anderson was pretty special. I actually have been remiss in how Tennessee has been doing since he jumped there.


We still are walking to many and striking out to much on offense.

Clearly Rivas wasn’t right for that series either… He probably helps us win game 1 if at full strength.

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