UH vs Cincy 5/7-DH (Gm1 L 7-2 Gm2 L 7-0 ) game 4 update

Gm1 b3 4-0 Cincy

b6 6-0 Cincy

Bring on Hofstra!

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b8 Cincy-6 UH-0

Gm1 F 7-2 Cincy

OUCH :man_facepalming:

Wow, what awful base running. He had home easy! What is up with this baseball team? Base running 101! SMH

Put your hand on the diamond before the tag!

2-0 Cinci

Gm2 t7 6-0 Cincy

Are you new to UH base running blunders?

It’s been a Coogin’ It tradition for 20 years, kicked off by Rayner running us out of a game 3 victory over San Jose State that had us in Omaha.


Thanks for that VERY unpleasant memory. That series was ours for the taking. :rage:. I’m sure my memory is faulty, but I will always remember that series for the one guy that beat us.

I always remember that hollow void of despair after blowing the deciding game. We had their starter on the ropes at the start of the game, and all we had to do was let the batters continue to drill him. But nooooooo, mental midget Rayner had to put his stamp on the game with some clever baserunning coaching decisions that blew up every time.

To me, the best UH team I’ve seen, and had they gotten to Omaha stood a good chance of threatening for the crown.

It’s the UH baseball equivalent of the basketball loss to NC State.


Gm2 F 7-0 Cincy

Yep, that San Jose State game still stings. We must have had 4 or 5 baserunning blunders that kept us from blowing that game wide open.

If we’re talking about Brandon Caraway going from 2nd to home on a wild pitch, I remember the SJSU pitcher reacting as if he knew he missed the tag.

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No doubt we should have went to Omaha that year!

Dude, now we are losing to teams from Ohio?

10-3 Cincinnati in the 9th. Looks like a 1-3 series. Man, tough to be a Coog baseball fan these days.

Final 10-3. Feel for the seniors, last year wiped out and then this.


Right now, I’d take Noble over Whitting in a heartbeat. Noble never came close to letting this program drop below 200 in the RPI’s. The direction we’re going now, about all that’s left for Whitting to accomplish is to lose to a swac team.

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